Join us for the next MINDSHOP

Where entrepreneurs get together with their friends to hang out and dream big.

February 17-20, 2022

Phoenix, AZ

What's a MINDSHOP?

Glad you asked! It's a three-day (four, if you count dinner the first night) entrepreneur get-together.


Mindstorm mapping, loads of coffee, big picture thinking


Emma has an ice cream clause in her contract, so rest assured, there will be ice cream


Plenty of time for rest


This isn't your ordinary conference

In fact, it isn't a conference at all. Rather, it's a place where like-minded (read: entrepreneurs, digital creators, service-based businesses, and otherwise genuine humans) will get together and exchange ideas.

The MINDSHOP has 3 pillars:


Hang out with people who GET it.

Big picture planning

Define the future you want to build.

Actual implementation

So you leave knowing what to do.

Quick note to attendees

I met 90% of the people I call my friends at conferences, so I know how great they are.

But truthfully? The best part of any conference I've ever attended happened outside the conference room.

So instead of a jam-packed agenda, we're doing things differently.

We'll relax, make friends with each other, and build the kind of community that will outlast this stretch of time. You'll come away inspired, sure, but you'll also learn from us and each other what's working, now.

Kathleen Celmins author

Ticket Options


  • Guided mindstorm sessions
  • Best practices
  • Unlimited caffeine


  • Guided mindstorm sessions
  • Best practices
  • Unlimited caffeine
  • Best for those who'd rather sleep alone

Frequently Asked Questions

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February 17-20, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. Actual venue TBD.

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